Skin care & facial treatments in Malmö

We at CelebrateBeauty are specialized in result-oriented skin care treatments in Malmö, which are adapted to each individual’s unique conditions. Skin therapists take an in-depth approach to skin care, based on how the skin actually works. Through the principles of biochemistry, we have created a range of treatments and products designed to stimulate the skin to function as youthful and healthy skin. At the heart of this process is our combination of world-renowned products and laser treatments.

Results-oriented skin care

Today we are faced with difficult skin conditions where traditional beauty treatments, single product ingredients or AHAs are not enough.
The ability to vary treatments across the entire PH scale gives professional skin therapists clear advantages for best results.

At CelebrateBeauty, we focus on results-oriented skincare that is more about building up the skin. At the heart of this process is DMK’s exclusive Enzyme Therapy, which works with the skin’s fundamental functions. The most effective skin care is based on how the skin actually works and takes advantage of the body’s natural healing power. The truth is that skin cells respond best to the chemistry they recognize,
namely its own. Our treatment concept of Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain aims to match an individual’s
individual biochemistry with appropriate skin therapy.

Free skin consultation

All our prices include a professional skin consultation where we create a personalized treatment plan. We review your skin type and conditions to customize the perfect laser treatment for you.

Our consultation is an analysis of your skin type. It is always free and an important tool for us to help you in the best way possible. We identify what type of skin you have, which treatment will work best and which skincare products you should use.

Take the first step towards problem-free skin – now! Make an appointment for our free skin consultation.
Either by contacting us at Celebrate Beauty or via our booking system.

During a consultation with one of our authorized skin therapists in Malmö, an individually adapted treatment program is created for you. We offer both light and advanced treatments:


DMK Skin Revision

CelebrateBeauty treatment concept with Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain aims to match a person’s individual biochemistry with appropriate skin therapy. By first having a professional skincare treatment to correct skin problems and imbalances, and then using self-care products to nurture and enhance the results, you will get the best results. Effective skin care is based on how the skin actually works and takes advantage of its natural healing power.

4 steps

1. Remove

The first step is to remove anything that inhibits healthy cell renewal, healing processes and the natural moisture balance. There are several ways to remove excess dead skin cells, uneven pigmentation, impurities, while starting to build and rejuvenate the skin.

2. Rebuild (restore)

The second step is to restore balance and harmony to the skin by establishing a clean, nutritious environment for new skin cells to thrive. CelebrateBeauty works with the whole skin, for a healthy and intact skin barrier.

CelebrateBeauty professional treatments deeply rebuild the skin. This, together with nutritious, restorative creams, serums and oils, creates a healthier environment for skin cells.

3. Protect

Once the skin has regained its natural moisture balance and elasticity, it is important to maintain that state. We use powerful antioxidants, essential fatty acids and sunscreens, whose composition provides optimal protection for the skin. The skin’s immune system, microbiome and moisture balance are strengthened to keep the skin barrier resilient. Protect is to support the skin’s own protection mechanisms, to protect the skin from various environmental factors and to maintain the positive results with regular self-care.

4. Maintain

Regular professional treatments and self-care products are essential to achieve the desired results. Daily skin care is important to maintain the good results from the dermatologist. DMK treatments and products are well proven and suitable for everyone regardless of gender and age and are tailored to each individual.

During a consultation with us, an individually tailored treatment program is created for you. We offer both light and advanced treatments:




Is a treatment that activates facial muscles and lifts tired skin. Absolute anti age treatment Contains powerful antioxidants that counteract the aging effects of free radicals, this is highly effective in repairing and strengthening tissues while promoting a healthy and youthful complexion.


The Absolute Signature treatment is tailored to your skin’s needs and preferences, suitable for those who want to improve their skin’s functionality.


The perfect special occasion treatment for those looking for the “wow factor” The combination of enzyme masque# 1, #2 and #3 makes the skin firmer, clearer and more toned. Absolute Glow can be done a few days before a special occasion. For skeptics who want results and can tolerate active products, it is a good treatment because of the immediate visible results.


Helps balance sebum production, eliminate acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and keep acne under control. Deep cleansing acne treatment gives very good results for both inflamed and non-inflamed acne conditions. Enzyme therapy, in combination with sebum-dissolving products, opens clogged pores and regulates acne-prone skin. IPL enhances the effect and penetrates deeper into the skin.


this treatment is for pigmented, sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin. The enzyme treatment helps prevent further pigmentation and has a purifying effect. Med sequential treatment (IPL) it has an exfoliating effect and improves skin functionality.

Pigment spots, sun damage and uneven skin tone are gradually removed through the treatment. Depending on the degree of pigmentation, several treatments may be needed. We use several natural yet powerful ingredients that inhibit the production of melanin and strengthen the skin’s immune system. Gradually, you get your healthy and clear skin tone back.


Fine superficial vessels (telangiectasia) can be caused by sun damage, inflammatory conditions such as acne or rosacea and can be disfiguring for many. The treatment aims to strengthen the vessels, circulation and immune system of the skin. For larger visible vessels, we treat with IPL.



For Rosacea, fragile capillaries and skin showing poor healing capacity. This treatment is designed to normalize the underlying causes of the reactivity. Treatment includes enzyme therapy and products which removes dead skin cells, and Non-invasive treatment for the face, broken capillaries, rosacea and redness.


Rebuild is a combination treatment of IPL and enzyme treatment, The treatment is suitable for you with tired and worn skin that needs to be revitalized, skin with slightly uneven skin tone that wants to be brighter and clearer.


Remodeling is a combination treatment with IPL and fractional laser for both skin texture and skin tone. An intensive skin rejuvenation procedure for rough, pigmented, sun-damaged, heavily wrinkled and scarred skin.


Microneedling is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for a variety of skin problems. Simply put, Dermapen4 causes a controlled injury to the skin using needles. As a natural reaction to the needling, the body wants to repair the damage.and starts producing new collagen.


Alkaline wash is an optimal hair removal method for facial hair.


A short but intense exfoliation with DMK Pro Alpha AHA serum. The skin has a smoother and clearer appearance that reduces lines and wrinkles. Finishes with a nourishing, moisturizing and protective transepidermal infusion.


I have problems with my skin, what should I do?

We recommend a visit to us. The visit usually starts with a consultation where the therapist analyzes your skin. To achieve the desired results, we discuss and design a suitable treatment plan for you.

Can I buy the products without consultation?

Products contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The higher concentration of active ingredients requires professional head diagnosis. Therefore, it is important to have a consultation with a skin therapist to ensure that the right products are used to provide the right treatment. Self-care products complement and enhance the effect of our professional treatments and are essential for good and lasting results.


I have dry skin, can I get help?

Yes, there are several functions that regulate the skin’s moisture balance. Dry skin is usually due to dead skin cells accumulated on the skin surface, an inhibited acid mantle, excessive transepidermal fluid loss and impaired circulation. By correcting these imbalances, the skin can become soft and smooth again. One of the more important functions is the acid mantle – nature’s own moisturizer. It is produced by the sebaceous and sweat glands and is very important for healthy skin.

For menopausal women, dry skin is linked to hormonal changes. This means that the sebaceous and sweat glands do not work as efficiently as in younger years. The products Seba E stimulates the sebaceous gland and Herb & Mineral Mist stimulates the sweat gland. Together they build up the natural outer protective barrier and are therefore a must for dry and chapped skin.


What do you mean that real skin care takes time?

Proper skin care, which delivers real and lasting results, requires the right chemistry and good, professionally executed treatment techniques. If it has taken years to unbalance the skin, it must take time to restore it. Just like regular exercise, getting fit requires continuity, variety and time.

How often do I have to do treatment and how long does it take?

It depends on the starting point: skin condition, lifestyle, age, skin condition and desired result. If a skin problem has taken a long time to develop, it needs time to return the skin to a healthy and balanced state.

Usually, clear results are seen after three to six treatments, but sometimes even after the first treatment. A treatment program may initially consist of treatments once a week, or every two weeks until results are achieved. Then maintenance treatment as needed to maintain results. The results are progressive – regular treatments improve skin condition.


I have normal skin, do I still need professional skin treatment?

Healthy and beautiful skin is a commodity. Good skin care is simply about taking care of your skin. For many, self-care products may be sufficient, if used consistently. A good rule of thumb is that it is much easier to maintain and prevent than to repair and restore. For unbalanced skin it is different. Home products alone cannot do the job! Self-care products are integrated and part of professional treatment programs.

What does ageing skin need?

If you want to keep your skin healthy and fresh into old age, daily care is as important for your skin as brisk walking is for your body. We always examine how the skin condition is linked to skin function. For example, if the customer has dry skin or ‘ageing’. How does the outer acid mantle work? Is the immune system, collagen production, deeper moisture and circulation in the skin good? In general, richer creams with more moisture and nourishment are needed for mature and aging skin.

Increased pigmentation is a skin condition that many people experience over the years. There are different forms, sometimes deeper, sometimes superficial. It can be treated successfully but may take some time. Here we treat to prevent further pigmentation, highlight what’s already there, strengthen the skin’s defenses, and protect against the sun.


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